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Outdoor activities and hiking

The surroundings of Kitee offer a versatile range of possibilities for outdoor activities and hiking. There is a network of versatile nature trails ready to introduce you to the diversity of nature. If you are interested in hiking and camping, head for the game and nature trail in Muljula, where you will find excellent hiking trails and campfire sites.

On the website of Karelian Trails, you can explore the Hutsi and Peltola trails that were completed in 2018. These trails include, for example, the popular winter-time route Talvi Trail of Peltola.

Nature trails

Matti nature trail (Matin polku) is a two-kilometre trail in the esker landscape near the Hutsi Sports Centre. Information boards along the trail introduce you to the surrounding forest nature and traces of the ice age.

Pajari nature trail (Pajarin polku) is a half-kilometre route around the esker environment of Pajarinmäki. In addition to lush vegetation, the trail introduces visitors to the story of Pajari, which is a key part of the local folklore.

Connection trail (Yhdyspolku) connects the Matti and Pajari nature trails.

The western section of the two-part Muljula wilderness and game trail (Muljulan erä- ja riistapolku) explores the vegetation and animals of the esker landscape and the traces left by the ice age. The eastern section of the trail focuses on gamekeeping. You can take a refreshing break on the Hietalahti swimming beach or at the base camp of the wilderness and game trail.

Päätyeenlahti Bay nature trail (Päätyeenlahden polku) runs through a lakeside forest. The trail is approximately one kilometre in length, and often accessible even in the wintertime.

Aconitum trail in Papinniemi (Papinniemen ukkohattupolku) takes visitors through lush groves and is only half a kilometre long.

Saiho forest rail (Saihon metsäpolku) is a one-kilometre-long easy trail. The trail introduces visitors to forest vegetation, the most important wood species in commercial forests, and to forestry in general.

The charming area of old Puhos provides visitors with an opportunity to wander along narrow, peaceful roads. Information boards shed light on the history of the old industrial community.

The one-kilometre long Kosola nature trail (Kosolan polku) is a display of esker landscapes, ancient forests and lush vegetation.

The Päätyeenlahti Bay birdwatching tower is located close to downtown Kitee. Päätyeenlahti Bay is known for its massive colonies of black-headed gulls and little gulls. There is another birdwatching tower in the western end of the bay.

In downtown Kitee, running enthusiasts can head, for example, to the illuminated exercise tracks of Hutsi and Peltola, which also serve as ski trails in the winter, or take a tour of the city on the extensive network of pedestrian and cycling ways.

In Kesälahti

Fitness track in the surroundings of Sortolampi, starting point near the sports field, approximately 3 kilometres in length
Fixed orienteering control points between Sortolampi and Pitkälampi. Maps are available e.g. from the Kesälahti Service Point on Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00.
Nature and culture trails in Kesälahti.


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