Etusivun esittely

Welcome to Kitee

Kitee is a vibrant and thriving border city in North Karelia, Eastern Finland. In Kitee, the beautiful beaches, crystal-clear lakes and nature just outside your door create a wonderful setting for a great standard of living. Our small city is a safe and peaceful place to live and visit.

Kitee was already known in the Middle Ages. The old stories still live on in memories and local attractions. For contemporary youth, the most famous prodigy of Kitee is probably Nightwish, the unique metal band that started its road to global success from our little town.

For the locals, Kitee is a beautiful and compact city, where everything you may need from services to versatile recreational choices is close. For visitors, Kitee offers culture, experiences and spiritual nourishment with great traffic connections. The friendly and hospitable nature of the locals is explained by their Karelian heritage, which can also be smelled and tasted in the mouth-watering local delicacies.

Come and explore Kitee – everything you need is right here!