Kitee is known for its beautiful and versatile nature. The region is part of three different landscape areas: The Greater Saimaa region, the North Karelia lakeland and Ladoga Karelia.

Kitee can definitely be described as the esker municipality of North Karelia, as the overall appearance of Kitee is dominated by the numerous esker ridges. In contrast, the southern part of the municipality – the township of Kesälahti – is characterised by big lakes, the ridges and depressions of Salpausselkä, eskers and sandbanks, and gently sloping, bumpy beaches. The Kiteenlahti Bay region along the eastern entrance route to Kitee is a nationally valuable landscape conservation area, and it is the perfect place for admiring the beautiful rural, traditional and natural landscapes.

The areas with most value to the municipality are those related to water bodies. The surroundings of Lake Kiteenjärvi are among the oldest inhabited areas in North Karelia. The rich great waters run into Lake Ladoga, and Greater Saimaa, to which Lakes Orivesi and Puruvesi belong, has the largest number of islands of all Finnish lakes. The pristine nature and clear waters of Lake Puruvesi have made it a popular place for holiday homes and recreational activities.

Kitee has approximately 472 square kilometres of different water bodies and more than 1000 kilometres of shoreline. A major part of the Kitee shoreline can be found in the southern and western parts of the municipality, around Lakes Pyhäjärvi, Puruvesi and Orivesi.

Recreation in nature

In Kitee, you will find an abundant selection of different natural attractions. You can go hiking around lakes, wetlands, eskers and cultural landscapes, and explore the diverse forests of the Karelian grove centre. Many of the destinations have a very high conservation value, so please remember your rights and obligations when you are spending time in nature. The area is also rich in birds and vegetation, which makes it the perfect place to engage in a number of nature-related hobbies.

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