Karelianpolut – Karelian Trails

Karelianpolut – Karelian Trails

The Karelian Trails network was completed in Kitee in late 2018, and the network was extended to Tohmajärvi and Rääkkylä in 2019.

Map of the Karelian Trails


Hutsi Trail

Peltola Trail

Talvi Trail

Starting points

Video presentation of the Karelian Trails in Kitee

Hutsi Trail of approximately 7 kilometres. Starting point at the Hutsi Sports Centre, Urheilutie 7, with an information board near the entry to the VesPeli parking area. Follow the red markers towards the ice hall, where the trail enters the forest. The trail ends right where it started. Hutsi trail gpx file

Peltola Trail of approximately 8 kilometres includes the popular wintertime route Talvi Trail that is approximately 5 kilometres in length. The trail starts from the starting point of the Peltola ski trails at Arppentie 6, at the parking area of the Kitee Health Centre. Peltola Trail is marked with blue signs, and Talvi Trail with blue and white. The trail ends where it started. Peltola trail gpx file

See the maintenance situation of the Talvi Trail here!

More information on the Karelian Trails is available on the trail network’s Facebook page.


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