Entrepreneurship and employment

Entrepreneurship and employment

Entrepreneurship and employment

Is Kitee the right fit for you?

Great place to live

Kitee is a city with approximately 10,800 residents, located in the southern part of North Karelia. Kitee has two municipal centres: Kitee and Kesälahti. There are plenty of housing choices available – even plots for detached houses right by pristine clear waters!

Great services

All services are close and just the right size. Smaller is better – in Kitee, the service selection ranges from department stores to specialist boutiques. The education sector in Kitee encompasses daycare centres, comprehensive schools, middle schools, a gymnasium and vocational education.

Great leisure time

Kitee offers a versatile range of recreational activities – from motor sports to diving and from boating to flying. There is also an abundant selection of cultural activities available – from theatre and arts to music!

Great location

Kitee is located along main road 6, right next to train stations. The Russian border with vast possibilities is also close by. It is easy to leave and then come back again...

Kitee offers great office spaces for companies, and there are plots available for private and industrial/business use in different parts of the city.

Kitee is a great fit for you, too!

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