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Pupil welfare

School health care

School health care is a statutory and cost-free preventive primary health care service for comprehensive school pupils and their families. The purpose of school health care is to promote the healthy growth and development of children and young people, and to create a foundation for a healthy adulthood. Health examinations are organised in accordance with the age and individual needs of the pupils. The school health care services handle illnesses and accidents that occur during the school day.

School social worker

The school social worker helps and supports pupils in matters related to studying and learning, and in issues concerning personal matters and relationships. All discussions and consultations with the school social worker are confidential.

School psychologist

The school psychologist provides assistance, for example, with worries concerning school, relationships or emotional difficulties. The psychologist strives to resolve the situation by having discussions with the pupil. When necessary, and by mutual agreement, the school psychologist can refer the pupil for follow-up treatment elsewhere. All discussions are confidential.


The HYTKES welfare centre for children and young people provides assistance in matters related to the psychological development of children and young people, parenthood and interaction within families. The centre offers expert assistance if a child is experiencing behavioural or emotional problems.

Reservations and advice on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00–10:00, tel. +358 (0)13 330 5301

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