Instructed exercise

Instructed exercise

Instructed exercise

Kitee Sports Services offer a variety of different instructed exercise classes and sports events, suitable for everyone from toddlers to grannies. Local sports clubs, companies and private individuals, as well as the Adult Education Centre, organise many different exercise groups all year round.

Kiteen Naisvoimistelijat and Central Karelia Adult Education Centre

Exercise groups for children and adults

See the Sports clubs and associations page for links to local sports and exercise clubs.

Exercise groups for the elderly

In Kitee, the City Sports Services and several associations organise many different exercise groups for the elderly. To find the groups, see the calendar for adapted physical activity here. Paper versions of the adapted physical activity calendar are available at the Service Points in Kitee City Hall and Kesälahti library, as well as at VesPeli and the local pharmacies, libraries and health centres.

Senior card

The senior card is a popular and affordable benefit for all Kitee residents over the age of 65. The senior card gives its holder access to the swimming pool and gym at VesPeli and to the exercise groups organised by the City Sports Services. For more information, contact the City Sports Services or VesPeli.

There is also a senior gym card available to residents over 65 years of age, which gives its holder access to the VesPeli gym or the gym at the Kesälahti fire station. For more information, contact the Sports Services or the Kesälahti Service Point.

Senior card application

Senior gym card application


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