Kitee youth services

Kitee youth services

Youth work is aimed at supporting the growth, independence and communality of all residents under the age of 29. The Kitee Youth Services work in collaboration with schools, local associations and organisations, as well as the sports and leisure services of other municipalities in Central Karelia.

There is a youth centre in Kitee city centre (Leipurintie 4) and also in the township of Kesälahti (Pyhäjärventie 3, 2nd floor). The youth centres are safe places for young people to spend their free time.

Organising band activities is part of the basic operations of the Youth Services. The recording studio Monttu is a modern space for individuals and bands to practice and record their music. Band training is offered to the youth of Kitee at the Monttu studio, and the Central Karelia Music Institute organises teaching in the same facilities. The facility can also be rented by outsiders for recording purposes, for example. Additional information is provided by Cultural Coordinator Markus Pulkkinen.

Kitee Youth Council is the voice of the youth in the municipality

The Kitee Youth Council takes a stand in matters that are considered important by the youth. The Council proposes initiatives independently and provides different institutions with statements when requested. The Kitee Youth Council has the right to be present and speak in the local Education and Leisure Committee, Environmental Committee and Technical Committee. As a result, the views of the youth are heard directly in municipal decision making.

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