Housing and environment

Housing and environment

A relaxed setting by the lake or the convenience of an apartment building – services are always close in Kitee!

Kitee is a beautiful and ever-growing city surrounded by several water bodies. Kitee offers its residents a safe and inviting environment.

Rental apartments

Arava-financed rental apartments owned by the City’s rental housing companies and other operators are applied for through the City of Kitee Housing Office. The Housing Office also rents out apartments owned directly by the City.

Rental apartments for the elderly

There is a variety of housing options available for the elderly population, depending on the mobility and needs of each customer. Senior housing is meant for elderly people who are capable of independent living. The residents can acquire the services they need. Sheltered housing allows elderly people to live and cope in a home-like setting with services provided for them. The housing choices range from individual apartments to housing in group homes. Intensive sheltered housing is meant for elderly people who can no longer cope at home even with services provide for them. This housing form includes round-the-clock care and support.

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