For the applicant

For the applicant

For the applicant


We warmly welcome you to our general upper secondary school.

Kitee Upper Secondary School offers high-quality education and support for your studies. It is affordable to live and study in Kitee. Students arriving from further away can easily find reasonably-priced rented accommodation, and textbooks are free of charge at Kitee Upper Secondary School!

You can apply to Kitee Upper Secondary School by filling in a form for Joint application for spring at
In addition to the Joint application form, the applicant has to fill in a subject selection form
for Kitee Upper Secondary School. Return the subject selection form to the following address by the Joint application deadline: Kitee Upper Secondary School, Koulutie 3, 82500 Kitee, Finland.

You can receive assistance for completing the subject selection form from the guidance counsellor of your educational institution, the upper secondary school’s guidance counsellors, or from the subpage titled ‘tips for selecting courses’. Kitee Upper Secondary School’s course selection guidebook is also worth a look.

The lowest average of all grades for admission to Kitee Upper Secondary School is 7.3. The average grade is calculated from the following subject grades: Finnish language and literature, Swedish, foreign languages, religion or ethics, history, social studies, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, health education, geography and music, physical education and visual arts.

For your studies at general upper secondary school, you will need a computer which you can take to school on a daily basis. The school provides the computer for new students.


Studying at a general upper secondary school as a grown-up?


At Kitee Upper Secondary School, you can follow the curriculum of the general upper secondary school for adults, and complete the syllabus and the matriculation examination. Students of the upper secondary school for adults participate in the same lessons as young students. The lessons take place between 8am and 3pm. It is possible to complete some of the studies either partially or in total as independent studies or online courses.

The syllabus for general upper secondary school for adults comprises at least 44 courses (compared to 75 courses for young students). The studies may take between one and a half to four years to complete, depending on the student’s individual choices, goals and life situation. The studies are free of charge for students aiming at completing the qualification. The student is responsible for purchasing the study materials.

Subject-based studies:
You can study individual courses at Kitee Upper Secondary School. The fee is €45/course, including teaching. The student is responsible for acquiring the textbook or other material used on the course.

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