Studying at general upper secondary school


Studying at general upper secondary school consists of:

  • lessons
  • homework
  • exams
  • projects
  • research
  • independent studies
  • online studies


Studying at general upper secondary school develops your:

  • study technique – learn how to learn!
  • ability to create a calm working environment – both for you and the others!
  • responsibility – be in charge of your own progress!
  • curiosity – become interested in something new!
  • determination – define the objectives!
  • systematic approach – plan your timetable!
  • courage to try – throw yourself in!


If required, you will have access to remedial teaching and assistance from a special needs teacher.


You can always contact the teachers, the guidance counsellor, vice principal and principal. They are happy to guide you in all questions related to your studies. The student tutors can also provide you with assistance.

This way, you will save your time and strength. All this is part of a student’s competence at upper secondary school. You will have time for recreational activities, rest, hobbies, outdoors activities and social life.

Lastly, a very important piece of advice: hardly anything means as much during your studies at upper secondary school as a positive and active school spirit, OUR SCHOOL, and team spirit, OUR TEAM.

You contribute to the school spirit. Harmony, helping the others and respecting other people’s views create a good atmosphere, but having fun together is also important.

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