Other exercise facilities

Other exercise facilities

Other exercise facilities

Kitee has also many other facilities for engaging in exercise and sports activities:

Arppe neighbourhood sports area

The Arppe neighbourhood sports area is located on the premises of Arppe Joint Comprehensive School. The area offers, for example, outdoor fitness equipment placed in two locations, a multi-purpose arena with sand and artificial turf, different swings, climbing frames, parkour cubes, rotating seats and ball walls. In addition, the area includes an ice-skating rink, a traffic park and tennis courts maintained by Kiteen Tennisseura.

During school hours, the functions and equipment of the neighbourhood sports area are primarily used by  Arppe Joint Comprehensive School, but at other times they can be used freely by all local residents.

Skate parks

The City of Kitee has a skate park in the Hutsi Sports Centre, at Urheilutie 7. The Hutsi Sports Centre skate park is located right next to the sports field, and it is suitable for skaters and scooters of all ages and abilities. The park consists of five wooden plywood-coated elements of different sizes. There are surveillance cameras in the skate park.

The skate ramp of Kesälahti is located on the premises of Kesälahti Middle School.

Other exercise facilities

- Indoor shooting range at Hutsi School
- Motor sports centre in Tolosenmäki (motocross, rallycross, karting track), homepage of the Kiteen Aimo motor sports centre
- Traffic park for children next to daycare centre Kieppi (Opintie 6, Kitee). The daycare centre’s yard and the traffic park are open to families outside the daycare centre's operating hours. In the summer, children can ride their own bicycles and vehicles in the park.

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