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School enrolment

Primarily, pupils go to school in their local school, which is determined by the regional school admission areas. It is also possible to apply for a place in some other school than the local school, in which case the pupil’s guardian is responsible for arranging transportation to that school.

School enrolment

The Director of Education makes the decisions on school admissions. The Education and Leisure Committee organises transportation to the school that is closest or that is the most appropriate in view of school transport for pupils in grade 1–2 if their travel to school exceeds 3 kilometres, and for pupils in grade 3–6 if their travel to school exceeds 5 kilometres.

All pupils who will start first grade in the coming fall will receive an information letter including a school recommendation in February.
Each school organises its own first-grade orientation day in May.

Changing schools

A change of school shall be applied for on a form submitted to the Administrative Secretary of the Education Centre.

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