Kesälahti school

Ajankohtaista Kesälahden koulussa

Kesälahti School

Kesälahti School is located in the township of Kesälahti. The school offers teaching to grades 1–9.

Pupil welfare

Pupil welfare is the responsibility of the school nurse, school social worker and school psychologist.

Guidance counselling

The guidance counsellor’s job at the school is to familiarise pupils with working life, different occupations and further study possibilities.

International activities

The still ongoing friendship school programme between Kesälahti School and the schools of Bogen and Sortavala has lasted for over three decades. The primary focus is on promoting a positive attitude and increasing tolerance. The goal of the programme is to use different methods to reduce and eliminate prejudice.

Student association

Kesälahti School has separate student associations for grades 1–6 and grades 7–9.  Each grade chooses representatives for the student board.


For almost three decades, Kesälahti School has implemented tutor activities led by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. The tutors are students from grades 8–9, who are trained to work with younger pupils and to support them. The purpose of tutoring is to promote good relations between pupils, improve school satisfaction, promote solidarity, and create a safe and supportive atmosphere in the school.


The school organises clubs on different topics during the school year.

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