Adult Education Centre

Keski-Karjalan kansalaisopiston toiminta

Spring term of the Central Karelia Adult Education Centre 7 January– 4 April 2020

The Central Karelia Adult Education Centre is an institute owned by the City of Kitee and the Municipality of Rääkkylä, which is open to all residents who are over 16 years of age or who have completed their compulsory education. Education is offered also to children aged 7–16 in music and some skill and art subjects.

The Central Karelia Adult Education Centre is a public institution of liberal adult education, which offers general education, courses that improve professional competence, training in the field of sales services, and recreational activities for people of all ages in accordance with the principles of lifelong learning. The course selection is based on the wishes and ideas submitted by the local residents. The crucial issue for many courses is finding a competent teacher. Approximately 70 highly skilled professionals teach at the centre each year. If you possess skills or knowledge that you would like to share with others, please contact the Adult Education Centre.

The office is open on Wednesdays 09:00–15:00:

Koulutie 3E, 82500 Kitee
Tel. +358 (0)40 105 1149
E-mail: kansalaisopisto(at)

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Matias Valoaho

 040 105 1137

Eija Mujunen

vastaava suunnittelijaopettaja
 040 105 1148

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