Ski jumps

Ski jumps

The ski jumps of Hutsi in Kitee were completed in the fall of 1984. The ski jumping hills are located right next to the city centre in the Hutsi Sports Centre, close to the swimming hall, ice-skating rink, sports field and ski trails/fitness track. There are five hills of different sizes available for ski jumpers:

  • K56, HS 60 meters
  • K34, HS 37 meters
  • K18, HS 22 meters
  • K12, HS 14 meters
  • K7, HS 8 meters

There are also plastic-covered hills available in the summer:

  • K56 plastic-covered since the summer of 2005, metal in-run tracks.
  • K34 and K18 plastic-covered in 1994, metal in-run tracks.
  • K12 and K7 plastic-covered in 2006, metal in-run tracks.
  • Lift available for K56, K34 and K18 also during summer season.

The hills are maintained by KiU/ski jump division


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