Arppe school

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Arppe School

Arppe Joint Comprehensive School has just over 500 pupils in grades 1–9. The staff consists of almost 70 teachers and special needs assistants. In addition to general education, Arppe School offers preparatory education and flexible basic education, and implements the three-step model of support, including teaching in small groups.

Pupil welfare

Pupil welfare is the responsibility of the school nurse, school social worker and school psychologist.


Tutors promote group formation among pupils in grade 7, organise theme days, hold morning assemblies, participate in the KiVa Koulu anti-bullying programme and, overall, aim to create a pleasant atmosphere in the school. Students interested in tutoring are offered a short training course in grade 8. Tutors act as elected officials of the school, who work to create a positive team spirit in the school through their actions. Tutoring activities can also take place outside school hours.

Student association

The task of a student association is to plan and promote the joint activities and schoolwork of pupils, and to carry out tasks specifically assigned to the student association. All pupils of the school are members of the school’s student association. The student association chooses a student board from among the members. The board members are selected in the fall for one academic year at a time. The student board maintains and improves school satisfaction and participates in the planning and implementation of educational work during the academic year. The board also aims to organise different theme days and events to cheer up the school year.


School clubs are aimed at providing children and young people with versatile recreational activities that promote their growth and development, and that become an established part of their afternoons. The school club activities are voluntary and free for all pupils.

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