Water bodies

Water bodies

Water bodies

Kitee is rich in abundant waterfowl habitats and great water bodies. Lake Puruvesi and Lake Pyhäjärvi in Karelia are known for their crystal-clear waters, and Päätyenlahti Bay in particular is famous for its rich bird fauna. The clear, clean waters offer great possibilities for both professional and recreational fishing, and a wide range of other hobbies. Below, you can read more about the most valuable water bodies within our area.

Lake Pyhäjärvi in Karelia

Lake Pyhäjärvi in Karelia is an extremely rugged great lake, with a water area of 230 square kilometres. Lake Pyhäjärvi is a valuable site due to its clear waters and oligotrophic nature. The catchment area of Lake Pyhäjärvi contains several sites included in national conservation programmes, as well as areas with geological and scenic value.


Ylälampi-Hovinlampi is a waterfowl habitat with national value, located on the northern side of the road leading from Kitee to Rääkkylä. It is a nesting area for species such as bittern, smew, little gull and marsh harrier.

Päätyeenlahti Bay

Päätyeenlahti Bay, located in the north-western corner of Lake Kiteenjärvi, is a waterfowl habitat with national value, extending over four kilometres with a water area of 314 hectares. The diverse range of birds nesting here includes, among others, the Slavonian grebe and whooper swan.

Lake Juurikkajärvi

Lake Juurikkajärvi is a nationally valuable waterfowl habitat east from Lake Pyhäjärvi in Karelia. The area serves as nesting grounds for species such as bittern and whooper swan.

Lake Puruvesi

Lake Puruvesi, with its wide open waters and shallow shores, is a vast open part of Lake Saimaa. As a water body, Lake Puruvesi is exceptionally rugged, very low in nutrients and represents a water lobelia-type lake with excellent water quality.

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