Kiteen kaupungin kulttuuritoimi


Cultural Services of the City of Kitee promote the wellbeing of residents by supporting the activities of art lovers and by organising concerts, theatre performances and art exhibitions in collaboration with other operators.

The education and culture centre Ilmarinen is filled with culture all year round. In addition to the Cultural Services, the facilities host Kitee Upper Secondary School, the local music institute and Central Karelia Adult Education Centre. The heart of Ilmarinen is the 280-seat Kitee Hall that can be transformed from an auditorium to a concert hall, theatre or a venue for different festivities. Ilmarinen also has a restaurant hall, a cafeteria and a meeting room, all of which can be modified to suit different needs. In addition, the legendary Monttu recording studio is located in the facilities of Ilmarinen.

Cultural facilities can also be found elsewhere in Kitee: Sovintola Culture Centre in Kesälahti hosts art exhibitions seen by thousands of visitors each year. Puhoksen perinnenavetta (the old barn of Puhos), the Kyläpari summer theatre and several village houses in the countryside serve as venues for a vast variety of activities.

The Central Karelia Adult Education Centre offers possibilities to engage in visual arts. Art exhibitions are displayed, for example, in Sovintola in Kesälahti, Leo Karppanen’s Saiho Atelier in Heinonniemi, and in Gallery Tienkorva.

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